About us

Golden Fleece Designs Inc., and m.andonia handbags is family owned and operated business since 1970. Together Antoinette, Symeon and Maria have been in the business since day one, celebrating 50 years this summer! Today we fight to remain safe and virus free. Together we have put our efforts in manufacturing the much needed masks that are so necessary right now. You can link to each of our Bios here to learn about who we are www.goldenfleecedesigns.com and www.mandonia.com . We have done many projects throughout the years, such as making items for the Nautical Industry, the Government, Homeland Security, City of Los Angeles, The Movie Studios, Walt Disney Theme Parks, High fashion handbags and many more. We have helped start up companies flourish and become big brands and with this knowledge it just seemed the right thing to do so we have cut thousands of yards to produce face masks and began MASKS FOR A CAUSE. This was a no brainer. Help us keep our community and country safe. For every mask purchased one is donated to the First Responders, Grocery Store workers, Restaurant employees and Homeless Shelters. This is easy for us to manufacture and get this out the door to the people in need. We have decided to use our materials that are compliant with the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) guidelines. They are fun, mood lifting fabrics to get us through these volatile times. Be the cause and lets help make this pandemic something of the past.